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Comodo System Cleaner is the world's first file and registry cleaner to harness the power of 100%
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3 February 2010

Comodo System Cleaner 2.2.129172.4 review

Comodo System Cleaner, keeps your systems registry free from unwanted occupants to attain speed and its all round performance.
Keep the most vital part of your system clean and stable. You registry is often occupied with unknown residents, obsolete and invalid data and clutter like broken, bad and missing applications, shortcuts and links, corrupt or harmful files. This unwanted clutter tends to crops up misbalance in your system performance and stability. But now you can easily and safely clean and keep your system registry in perfect condition with this free-to-use tool in just a single click of your mouse. This cleaner is enhanced with features like: options to perform deep cleaning of your PC registry and disk drive, cleanup scheduling, safe delete options, backup support for registry protection, privacy cleaning options, and much more.
Comodo System Cleaner is one of the safest, simplest and easiest way to keep your system clean and running as good as new.

Publisher's description

Comodo System Cleaner is the first registry cleaner to harness the power of 100% safe cleaning. It utilizes the revolutionary innovation of SafeDelete, a feature that allows users to safely recover any files deleted in error. This advancement eliminates risk from the process of registry cleaning. Picture a messy room. It may be littered with trash, but it also contains your valued possessions. Your goal is obvious: get rid of the trash, keep your valuables. Now imagine you have an ultra-powerful vacuum to clean it. The vacuum will suck in anything in its path, and immediately chop it up in its strong blades. You might think twice about where to point this vacuum! Other cleaners have the same problem as this vacuum: good stuff gets obliterated the same as bad stuff. In an attempt to perform some much-needed system maintenance, you could wipe out files necessary to your PC's performance! Comodo System Cleaner has made this problem obsolete. In essence, it has taken the blades out of the vacuum. If CSC sucks in a valued possession, you can easily reach in and take it back out again. No harm done, and your computer keeps performing solidly. We've taken this ground-breaking feature and applied it to every aspect of CSC: the registry cleaner, disk cleaner, and the privacy cleaner. Users will also have access to a staggering menu of Windows customization options, to make your system perform exactly as you desire. New in this version: a System Info tool that keeps track of the performance of all the hardware and software installed on your PC. PC cleaning is a necessary maintenance task that can unfortunately be quite fear-inducing for the average computer user. Fear no longer: Comodo System Cleaner is here, and it's completely free. Happy cleaning!

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